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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Snow Science Experiments

Bring some snow indoors and watch it melt in various ways including adding different temperature waters, adding salt, putting it in other rooms, and more. 

Cold water, room temperature water and hot water are poured on snow to see how each melts the snow.  Inspiration laboratories shares the details.

Get the instructions here:

Pleasantest thing places a snowball in the freezer, refrigerator and on the table and watches how each melts. 

Get the instructions here:

Little bins for little hands puts snow in different rooms throughout the house to see how they melt.

Get the instructions here:

Home school innovations places snow through a filter to see how it melts. 

Get the instructions here:

Mom inspired life adds salt to one snow ball and nothing to the other and watches how they melt.

Get the instructions here:

Friday, January 30, 2015

Ice Science Experiments

Find a fun ice experiment to celebrate winter. 

Find out how to make frost with science sparks using just a tin can, ice, water and salt and watch condensed water in the air freeze.

Get the instructions here:

Reading confetti freezes baking soda and water and then adds vinegar to make ice volcanos.

Get the instructions here:

Mom to 2 posh lil divas makes ice snowman by freezing water inside balloons.  She then keeps one inside and puts the others outside to see which will melt first and how fast.

Get the instructions here:

Kitchen counter chronicle sees if ice will melt faster if it's wearing "clothing," or in this case covered by a piece of cloth. 

Get the instructions here:

Creative family fun tests what will slide on ice testing trying rocks, sticks, bottle caps, and more.

Get the instructions here:

Inspiration laboratories places ice in different containers such as plastic, paper, glass and metal to see which will melt first.

Get the instructions here:

Totally tots uses different substances  like water, sugar, ice and ice alone to see which will help the ice melt the fastest.

Get the instructions here:

Little bins for little hands uses color and ice to watch how ice melts, the colors meld and the effects the salt has on the paper. 

Get the instructions here:

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Snow Painting

Now that the snow has been around for a while and starting to look all icky...

Bring some inside and paint it with food coloring

And make snow art.  

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DIY Kazoos

Happy National Kazoo Day.  Celebrate with one of these kid friendly kazoo making crafts.

Craft scope uses a paper towel roll to and wax paper to make a kazoo.  They then cover it with colorful tape and stickers.

Get the instructions here:

Kids spot adds feathers and ribbon to their version.

Get the instructions here:

 Sophie world uses popsicle sticks and cut straws for her version.

Get the instructions here:

Love to laugh and learn makes a trumpet kazoo.
Get the instructions here:
Busy bee kids crafts uses a toilet paper roll.
Get the instructions here:
Choices 4 children uses scraps of paper to make the kazoo hum.
Get the instructions here:

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Chocolate Cake Day of Play

Celebrate chocolate cake day with this chocolate inspired play date.

Start the day by playing with chocolate scented play dough. Natural momma in me has her kids make cupcakes, providing muffin tin and sprinkles for inspiration.

Get the instructions here:

Next, practice some skip counting with m&ms with this worksheet from kids learn.

Get the instructions here:

Next, make this easy one bowl chocolate cake recipe from planning with kids.

Get the instructions here:

End the play date by reading Rachel Bright's super cute Love Monster and the Last Chocolate.  Check it out from the library.  It's also available at Amazon.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Ice Sculptures

Start by adding water and food coloring to various shaped tins such a muffin, donut, hearts or whatever you have and freeze them either in the freezer or just place them outside.

Next, pop out the ice and stack them.  

Or simply spread them in the snow.

Have fun!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Cold and Blessed Play Date

Celebrate the snow with snow angels and this fun day of play featuring a snow angel craft, snack, activity and book.

Begin the day by making these paper plate snow angels.  For younger kids punch holes into the angels to make them lacing cards for fine motor skill practice.  The manger shares the details.

Get the instructions here:

Next, step outside for some snowy fun and make snow angels.

Next, come back inside for these cute angel snacks consisting of bugles, icing, pretzels, cherios and oyster crackers.  Catholic icing shares the recipe.

Get the instructions here:

End the day by reading The Snow Angel by Glenn Beck.  A sweet story about the importance of family.  Check it out from the library or find it at Amazon.
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