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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Make Your Own Rubber Stampers

Enjoy these super easy way for kids to make foam stamps in several shapes and sizes.

Make It:

Vanessa's Values has the easiest stamper idea ever.  All you need is foam stickers and bottle caps.  You just stick the stickers on the top of the caps and there you go.  Kids love stamping and this will give the lots of options and designs.

Good for ages 2 and up.

Get the instructions here:

Silly pearl draws her stamps onto foam sheets and then cut them out.

Get the instructions here:

Craftoart carves her pictures into foam blocks.

Get the instructions here:

Richmond mom makes geometric stamps by cutting foam into triangles and other angular shapes.

Get the instructions here:

Babble dabble do sticks foam stickers onto wood blocks to make letter stamps.

Get the instructions here:

Engineer mommy uses foam stickers.

Get the instructions here:

Buy It:

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