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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Balloon Painting Activity: Balloon Themed Birthday Party

Fun filled ways to use balloons as paint brushes for a party or just for fun.

Share and Remember has a great balloon party activity.  Fill the balloons with different objects such as rice, flour, salt, water, corn and other small objects and use them as paint brushes, let the kids dip them in paint and use the balloons to make a design.  The kids will have fun with the different textures and trying to guess what's inside each balloon.  They'll also have a nice art project to take home. 

Get the instructions here:

Tot treasures north bay shares the same idea, but suggests some other fillings to make the balloons have different scents such as baby powder and hair gel and coffee beans.

Get the instructions here:

Jada roo takes a more messy approach blowing up the balloons with just air.  Kids will need to beware because the balloons can pop at any time especially the more they bounce them.

Get the instructions here:

Future cnc has a more messy idea filling balloons with paint and taping them to a poster board.  The kids then get to pop the balloons to create a really nifty and messy painting.

Get the instructions here:

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