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Monday, April 30, 2012

How it Rains Experiments

Fill a clear cup with water and put shaving cream on top for a cloud. Explain that when clouds get really heavy with water, it rains! Then put blue food coloring on top of the cloud, and watch it rain. Kids will see the weight of the new water (blue food coloring) and how the cloud can not support it.

Good for ages 5 and up.

Weather wiz kids shares their version of the make it rain experiment for kids using a glass jar, plate, hot water, ice cubes and index cards.  The cold plate and the warm air in the jar create moisture and water droplets form. 

Good for ages 10 and up.

Get the instructions here:

A rain experiment for the younger set is to have a bowl of cotton balls and a bowl of water.  Let kids drop the cotton in the water and see how it soaks up and then squeeze out the water to make it rain.  It's a great sensory experience too.  

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