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Friday, August 31, 2012

How to Make Flowers from a Coffee Filters

Kaboose has found a great new use coffee filters and show how to turn them into flowers using watercolor paint and green pipe cleaners.  She recommends using two colors per flower.

There are several different ways to make the flowers. You can fringe the ends in thin strips (leaving the center whole) to make the flower that resembles a pom pom. Or you can cut thicker strips to make a petaled flower or don’t cut the filter at all to make a rose.

To add the stem insert the pipe cleaner into the center and turn the flower upside down.  Grasp the center of the filter and gather it around the small end of the pipe cleaner. Twist the pipe cleaner around the gathered filter to secure the flower in place. Remember to fluff out your flower. 

No two flowers will look the same. Thin watercolors to make lighter shades and use thicker amounts for bolder shades. Also, you can speed dry the coffee filters by blow them dry with a hair dryer.  

Good for ages 7 and up.

Get the instructions here:

Urban comfort shares a great way to make coffee filter flower baskets using dixie cups as the base and floral stems for the handle.

Get the instructions here:

Martha Stewart has a wonderful tutorial on how to turn a coffee filter into a beautiful flower. All you need are the filters and food coloring and a cup.
Get the instructions here:
Family corner cuts out several petals and colors the center brown and the petals yellow for a pretty sunflower.

Get the instructions here: 

Martha Stewart makes water lilies too.

Get the instructions here:

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