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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ballerina Paper Dolls

The vintage moth has shared a template of ballet paper dolls. There's even a male for all of them to dance with.

There's more added from the designer in the comments below.  Definitely a fascinating site to visit.
Get the template here:

I should be mopping the floor has a ballerina paper doll as well with many different outfits to dress her in.

Get the template here:

Printable paper dolls has a few versions of a ballerina to play with.

Get the template here:


  1. Ballet paper dolls - there are two more dolls than are pictured above. One is Michael, and I don't remember the other female dancer's name. I am not sure whether Michael is supposed to be Michael Fokine, but Anton is Anton Dolin. All these dolls are representative of real dancers. Maria Tallchief, Alicia Markova, and of course, Anna Pavlova, are included. I had a set of these dolls back in the 1940's.

  2. Wow. That's really amazing. It's great when the dolls have a history and kids can learn more about them. Thanks for sharing.


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