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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sensory Box Roundup

Sensory bins are great for early learners. Here are some variations and ideas to keep your little ones entertained.

Good for ages 2 and up.

Strawberry Chic has thought up a wonderful sensory box using beans and even include ideas for play such as measuring cups, spoons, and tins. Beans are a great alternative to sand because they're so much easier to sweep up. You know at least half of the box will land all over the floor

Play at home mom has a Halloween inspired sensory box however you can use any objects to change the theme. She uses pasta and rubber toys.

Play at home mom 3 takes a yellow highlighter apart, dilutes it in water and turns on a black light for a glow in the dark sensory box.  

Juggling with kids has a very easy recipe for Cloud Dough. It's flour and baby oil. That's it. It feels like flour but the baby oil makes it moldable.

Pink and green mama has a construction themed sensory box featuring toy trucks and rocks.

Play create explore uses cooked spaghetti with red tempura powder paint for their sensory bin. You could add other noodles as well varying shapes and sizes.

Teach preschool uses cooked spaghetti and paint in her version.

Dirt and boogers has a construction themed sensory box as well but they use actual dirt.

Pink stripey socks makes her own dirt out out corn starch, shaving cream and food coloring.

The imagination tree has a baker's sensory box complete with cup cake wrappers, whisks, measuring spoons and pastel colored beans.

Share and remember has a pastel rainbow rice sensory table that looks beautiful when it all mixes together. She uses rice, food coloring and rubbing alcohol to make the rice.

No time for flash cards has a magnetic sensory box featuring magnet letters, a magnet wand, and cracked wheat.

Puppy dog tails has a garden themed sensory bin using coffee beans and grounds as the dirt. A great idea for your kids to have their own garden to tend to.

Play create explore has an eye spy sensory bin filled with lots of little trinkets.

Counting coconuts has a really cute idea for a spring sensory box using real grass, plastic flowers, plastic bugs, and pretty stones.

No time for flash cards uses mini terra cotta pots and stones for her spring sensory bin.

Counting coconuts also has a pirate sensory box using plastic coins, jewelry and black beans. What's even cuter is they made a treasure map to go with it so kids can search out the particular objects.

No time for flash cards has a swamp inspired sensory table.  However it's rather involved and involves kool aid so is also most likely rather sweet and sticky.

Pigtails and tutus has a fishing for magnets sensory idea.  She uses a bathtub but a box could work as well.

Happy hooligans has a nifty idea for a shaving cream car wash.  She suggests setting up three stations -- one for shaving cream, one for water, and one with a towel to dry the cars off.

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