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Monday, June 16, 2014

Mini City Trees

Create a mini forest or park or even tree lined street with this mini tree crafts.

You will need:
- Cardstock
- Brown paint
- Cardboard
- Green foam sheets
- Green felt
- Glue
- Green tissue paper

Cut cardboard into a trunk shape with a slit in the top and cut a small square to place the trunk in to make it stand.  Paint the trunk brown.

Next cut several branches and paint them brown too.  Gluing them onto the trunk.

Next cut out green leaves from the foam sheets and felt and glue onto the trunk.  Add tiny pieces of torn tissue paper to the bottom of the tree and the board you will place it on to make grass.

This tutorial is originally from artylil, which is unfortunately no longer live. 

Ukkonooa makes many different types of trees.

Get the instructions here:

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