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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Balloon Pinata Activity: Balloon Themed Birthday Party

Scrap Happy Heather has a great idea for a balloon activity.  Hang water balloons and use them as mini-pinatas.  The kids will love getting wet.  If your balloon party is in the winter you can always change the water to candy or toys.

For winter parties fill the balloons with confetti.  

Good for ages 3 and up.

Get the instructions here: 

As an alternative for a colder weather party try filling the balloons with small prizes and giving each kid a pin to break the balloon and get a favor.

Balloon Ping Pong Activity: Balloon Birthday Party

Pen and paper flowers has a fun idea for a balloon party activity. All you need are some popsicle sticks, paper plates and a balloon and you have a make your own balloon ping pong game.

Get the instructions here:

We made that colors her plate paddles.

Get the instructions here:

Balloon Painting Activity: Balloon Themed Birthday Party

Fun filled ways to use balloons as paint brushes for a party or just for fun.

Share and Remember has a great balloon party activity.  Fill the balloons with different objects such as rice, flour, salt, water, corn and other small objects and use them as paint brushes, let the kids dip them in paint and use the balloons to make a design.  The kids will have fun with the different textures and trying to guess what's inside each balloon.  They'll also have a nice art project to take home. 

Get the instructions here:

Tot treasures north bay shares the same idea, but suggests some other fillings to make the balloons have different scents such as baby powder and hair gel and coffee beans.

Get the instructions here:

Jada roo takes a more messy approach blowing up the balloons with just air.  Kids will need to beware because the balloons can pop at any time especially the more they bounce them.

Get the instructions here:

Future cnc has a more messy idea filling balloons with paint and taping them to a poster board.  The kids then get to pop the balloons to create a really nifty and messy painting.

Get the instructions here:

Balloon Flip Flops Activity - Balloon Birthday Party

Tip junkie has a great idea for a balloon party activity or favor that's functional as well as fun. All you need to do is double know a whole lot of colorful balloons around a pair of flip flops. That's it.

Good for ages 10 and up.

Get the instructions here:

 Dylan and alexandria makes a version as well.

Get the instructions here:

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Balloon Birthday Cake Toppers

Make It:

Martha Stewart blows up balloons just little and ties them to craft sticks to decorate a birthday cake for a cute balloon themed birthday party.

Get the instructions here:

Pepper design blog uses colorful lollipops for her balloon cupcake toppers. 

Buy It:

Balloon Cupcake Idea: Balloon Themed Birthday Party

Cupcakes turn into balloons with these creative ideas for a balloon cupcake dessert.

Continue on the balloon theme with this easy to make and assemble cupcake balloon cake.  One great thing about this cake is that the balloon bunch can grow to as many guests as you have.

Get the instructions here: 

Smyley bears uses paper to spell out a birthday message on her balloon cupcakes. 

Get the instructions here:

La receta dela felicidad attaches a balloon to each cupcake to make hot air balloon treats.

Get the instructions here (use translator tool): 

Pepper design blog uses lollipops to make her balloons.

Get the instructions here:

Frozen Water Balloon Cooler: Balloon Birthday Party

One really creative and functional way to use balloons at your party is to freeze water balloons and then use them instead of ice to keep the drinks cool. It should also be less messy since the ice will melt inside the balloons.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Balloon Filled Window: Balloon Themed Birthday Party

Fabric Wrapped Balloons

Homelife takes pretty fabric and wraps balloons for a softer effect.

Get the instructions here:

Balloon Walkway: Balloon Themed Birthday Party

Pom Pom Balloons

The land of nod creates some very unique balloons embellishing them with pom poms.

Get the instructions here:

Balloon Wakeup: Balloon Themed Birthday Party

Wake up your favorite birthday boy or girl with these cleaver balloon ideas.

Crafty moods has a very festive idea for how to wake up the birthday boy or girl on their special day by filling the room with helium balloons.

Chronicles of a southern scrapper has a balloon wake up idea as well. She suggests writing messages on balloons about what you love about the child. She also suggests having a balloon for each month the child is old. So every year there are 12 more balloons.

The berry suggests attaching photos of the previous years to the bottom of the balloon strings to show the events and changes that have occurred.

Balloon Lollipops: Balloon Themed Birthday Party

Tip junkie has a very cute idea for balloon decor making them look like giant lollipops. All you need are balloons, cellophane, and wrapping paper tubes. This could be a cute idea for the walkway too.

Get the instructions here:

Balloon Drop - Balloon Themed Birthday Party

 These balloons are dancing from the ceiling and in the trees.  See ideas for fun balloon drop decor around the web.

Tomkat studio has another cute way of hanging balloons -- from the ceiling. She says the trick is to put a marble in each balloon so it hands down.

Get the instructions here:

Photosmashing takes this idea outside using streamers to hang the balloons from a tree creating what she calls chandeliers.

Get the instructions here:

All things gd places the balloons directly on the ceiling.  

Get the instructions here:

A pinterest post shows balloons strung onto thread and hung upside down.  For a night time party put glow sticks inside.

Get the instructions here:

Balloon Wall - Balloon Themed Birthday Party

Mom tog has a really cute idea, especially to use as a backdrop for pictures is to have a wall full of balloons. You can make them a rainbow or have specific color themes.
Get the instructions here:

Froggy and the mouse puts the balloons into the shape of the birthday year.

Get the instructions here:

Light up balloons: Balloon Themed Birthday

Porto alegre places balloons filled with a light stick all over the lawn for a stunning night time effect.

Get the instructions here:

Balloon Themed Birthday Party: Keep the balloons deflated with this colorful birthday wreath

What a great way to welcome guests to the birthday party.  Make sure to have just as many inflated balloons inside to make for an extra festive and colorful day. 

Unfortunately not a craft you kids can help assemble, but they can definitely help with color selection and placement.

Get the instructions here:

Sew sweet cottage adds a monogram initial to her version.

Get the instructions here:

Balloon Filled Yard: Balloon Themed Birthday Party

Mislav has a great way to fill up the yard with balloons using golf tees to anchor them into the grass.

Get the instructions here:

And babies make four forms the balloons into the birthday number.

Get the instructions here:

Balloon Doorway: Balloon Birthday Party Decor

Surprise the birthday boy or girl with this fun way to wake up in the morning.  

Trey and lucy have a cute idea for a doorway by adding balloons to the ends of streamers and hanging them down.  How long do you think until all of the balloons pop?

Side tracked mom created what she calls a balloon avalanche holding balloons in place against the door with crepe paper streamers.

Babble's version is a little simpler but still effective.  

Monday, January 16, 2012

Balloon Party Invitation: Balloon Themed Birthday Party

 Balloon birthday party invitation ideas. 

Funky time has a really easy balloon birthday invitation. Simply blow up the balloon, and write the details, deflate and tape to a card.  That's it.

Get the instructions here:

Style me pretty has a version as well using a professionally printed balloon.

Get the instructions here:

Hello bee has a cute cut out of a balloon party invitation she attaches a piece of yarn to make a cute balloon. She uses a cookie cutter to get the balloon shape.

Get the instructions here:

Vanessa humphrey boxes up a helium balloon and adds a note with the party invitations.  This would make a great favor too.

Get the instructions here:
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