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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Kids Hat Making Crafts

Celebrate National Hat Day by making one or more of these fun hats. 

Red paper strips are glued to a legal size piece of white paper and then stapled on to paper plates to make the brims for these cute Cat in the Hat hats from mamas like me.

Get the instructions here:

Black poster board is cut into a cone shape and then glued to a black poster board circle to make the base of this wizard's hat.  Next free kids crafts glues cut out stars and moons from aluminum foil and glues them onto the hat. 

Get the instructions here:

A knit winter hat is embellished with felt and pompoms to make it into a fun monster with brooklyn craft farm.

Get the instructions here:

Make a chef hat out of tissue paper and construction paper with my kids make.

Get the instructions here:

Cut pieces of foam are glued together and given jingle bells to make it more authentic with about.

Get the instructions here:

Make your own cowboy hat with this free printable from kimboomu kid songs.

Get the template here:

Make a folded pirate hat with this free printable 123peppy.

Get the template here:

A paper plate, paper cup and lots of fuzzy pompoms turn into a sombrero with mommyapolis.

Get the instructions here:

Make a princess hat from a paper cone, adding sticker gems and colorful fabric strips.

Get the instructions here:

Construction paper is wrapped into a cone shape and decorated with curling ribbon, pompoms and circles. Find the details at first palatte.

Get the instructions here:

Maya made makes a newspaper and flower tea party hat.
Get the instructions here:

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Make Your Dreams Come True

It's Make Your Dream Come True Day.  One way to start is by making a dream catcher to help guide you in the right direction.

Dreams are written upon leaves with this leaf dream catcher

Beautiful lace catches dreams in this lace dream catcher.

Colorful gems embellish this pretty beaded dream catcher.

Nature inspires these tree branch dream catchers.

Needle point thread is the star for this colorful dream catcher.

Jewelry wire spins the web for this dream catcher necklace.

A good preschool version is made with feathers and colorful beads for this paper plate dream catcher.

Yarn is wrapped and intertwined to make the web in these heart dream catchers.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Butterfly Craft Roundup

All kids networks has a great butterfly craft for kids to make and shares an example of ink blotting using a butterfly cutout. Kids will love to paint the one side and see how the wings become symmetrical. Their post includes a butterfly template printout so all you need to do is cut out the paper.

Piggy giggles has a really simple paper napkin butterfly project. All the kids need to do is color the napkin with markers, spray with water and tie up with a pipe cleaner.

No time for flash cards creates a butterfly sun catcher which uses construction paper, contact paper, ribbons and crayons.
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