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Monday, June 4, 2012

Handprint Tree

Personalized prints (an Etsy site) has a hand print tree for Father's day, similar to the hand print flower ideas for Mother's day. There are some really great tree with no leaves images you can print using an image search.  

Get images here:

A little tipsy share her version of the handprint tree as well using autumnal colors to represent fall leaves.

Walk by the way uses a hand and finger prints to make her version of the tree.

Crafts by amanda uses hand print cut outs and has the kids write messages.

Busy bee kids crafts shows how to use a hand print and thumb prints to make a family tree.

Naptime decorator has each member of the family use a different color to create a family tree.

Saatchi online takes a more minimalist bent on the hand print tree.  Her version sells for $650 but an image search might provide a similar barren tree to reproduce this.

Tolddle fast uses scrapbooking paper for her version.  

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