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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stick Bracelets

Dzwiedziu has a fun idea for turning a popsicle stick into a bracelet. Simply boil in water for 15 minutes and as they cool they'll warp into a cuff bracelet shape. I imagine you need to try with a lot of popsicle sticks to get just the right fit. Then you simply decorate the stick as you see fit, she uses scrapbooking paper and glue but you could use a number of different items from paint to stickers.

Good for ages 7 and up.

Get the instructions here:

Mama miss uses washi tape to decorate hers and doesn't make them completely circular but instead ties thread for an easier closure.

Get the instructions here:

Molly moo uses embroidery thread and beads to make her version.

Get the instructions here:

Carolyns homework uses longer, thinner sticks and wraps them in colorful twine. 

Get the instructions here:

Suzys sitcom draws on patterns with markers.

Get the instructions here:

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