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Monday, August 26, 2013

Ice Skating Boats

One fun task for a hot summer day is to make ice boats.  Using a cupcake liner, ice cube, tooth pick and plastic paper.  Freeze water in ice cube trays to make the boat but place a tooth pick in the center so that you'll have a mast for the plastic sails, then place them in cupcake wrappers and slide across a sensory box of frozen ice.  Kids will have fun as the boats float upon the ice.  Take it outside and as it melts they can see if the boats start to sink or float.

Alpha mom uses a cup to free the water to make her boat and uses a bendy straw for the mast.  She adds a paper sail.  For her version she floats them in a big bowl of water.

Learning 4 kids colors her ice and uses huge containers to make super big boats.

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