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Friday, January 16, 2015

Dragon Appreciation Play Date

Celebrate dragon appreciation day with this fun-filled day of crafts, snacks, books, games and movies.

An egg carton cut in half is painted and folded and turned into a dragon with paper forked tongues and googly eyes.  Happiness is homemade shares the details.

Get the instructions here:

Next, read this fun and silly book about a not so fierce dragon.  Check it out from the library or it's also available at Amazon.

Next, take a break and make a dragon from a paper cup and construction paper by giving it eyes, wings and a tail.  Than fill the cup with yummy snacks.  Kix cereal shares the detail.

Get the instructions here:

Next, have fun with this math game from arithmetic for kids.

Get the template here:

Next, get the kids outside by hiding toy plastic dragons in box eggs for a fun hide and seek game.

Get the instructions here:

End the day with a viewing of the How to Train your Dragon movie.  Check it out from the library or it's also available for immediate download at Amazon.

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