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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Penguin Appreciation Day of Play

Celebrate Penguin Appreciation Day with these fun games, crafts, activities, books, movies and snacks.  A fun day for our friends from the South.

Start the day with this fun pretend penguin mask craft.  A white paper mask is layered over and glued to a black circle of paper to make a penguin face.   Next, a triangle beak is glued and eyes cut to make a mask.

The original site is no longer available.

Next, go fishing with this free penguin color matching card game from criss cross applesauce learning.

Get the template here:

Next, read the adorable Oliver Jeffers' book Lost and Found about a boy who travels over an ocean to help get a lost penguin home. Check the book out from the library or get it from Amazon.

Take a break and have these cute olive, fresh mozzarella and carrot snacks found on pinterest.

End the day by watching the Lost and Found movie.  Check it out from the library or download it from Amazon.

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