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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Paper Plate Purse

You will need:
- Paper plates
- Staples
- Ribbon
- Decorations (markers, stickers, sequins...)

1. Put two plates together and cut in half.
2. Then cut two of the pieces in half again.  You should have two halves and four quarter pieces.
3. Hold the two halves together so the front pieces are facing inwards.
4. Do the same for the quarter pieces and slip inside or outside the bag so it has a scalloped top and staple the corners together.
5. Attach a strap of beads or ribbon for the handle into the corners and staple to secure.
6. Staple the rest of the plate together.
7. Decorate the bag.

This tutorial first appeared on jellyfish jelly which unfortunately is no longer available.

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