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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Halloween Food - Part 1

These are all super easy to make and perfect for Halloween parties.

Dead Man's Meatloaf 
You can find the recipe here, (the original recipe is by Lucy Monroe author of Creepy Cuisine) but I normally make my own meatloaf, mould it into the shape of a body, pour a tomato based pasta sauce over the top and bake it for about an hour on 350F.  I found the ghoulish mask at a Halloween store and popped a knife in the chest.

For the life of me I can't find the website that I initially snaffled this idea from (I truly hate it when I don't save things), but I've been carrying this idea around for a couple of years and it's always been a hit.  It's a fabulous healthy alternative for a party.  I do remember that whoever had come up with this had used the Land O Lakes spooky hot cheese dip, but I was a little lazier and purchased a couple of tubs of my favorite dip instead.
*UPDATE - Check out Skeleton dip, it's featured on The Crafty Crow
*UPDATE 2 - Dead Man's Meatloaf and Skeleton dip, featured on All About You - Wacky Halloween Recipes

All you need to make these creepy fingers is hot dogs, refrigerated biscuit dough and sliced almonds.  You can find the recipe here.  Don't forget to put out some blood tomato sauce or ketchup fo
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