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Friday, April 13, 2012

Free Printable Tooth Fairy Letters, Invoice, Certificate and Receipt

Free printable certificates has an adorable certificate from the tooth fairy. Although not a craft, it is an adorable way to commemorate and personalize a visit from the tooth fairy.

Get the pdf template here:

How does she has tooth fairy invoice to leave for the tooth fairy. The two could be used in combination for a great memento.  She has a different version for girls and for boys. 

Get the template here:

Handmade charlotte has both a to and from version of a tooth fairy note, one for the child to complete and one for the tooth fairy to leave behind.  

Get the template here:

Jaded blossom has a cute idea for a tooth fairy receipt here: 

Behance has a cute receipt idea too:

Get the templates here:

Oh my gluestick share a file to print a whole bunch of tooth fairy receipts at a time.

Get the template here:

Intermittent blogger has a free template to print a mini tooth fairy letter and envelope.

Get the template here:

Tooth fairy letter has a whole bunch of tooth fairy letters and coloring pages and other cute notes form the tooth fairy.

Free sample momma has a tooth fairy letter too: 

Tooth Fairy Books for Inquisitive Kids

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