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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Handprint Flowers

Hand prints are a great kids craft because they can be done at any age and make a great gift for all relatives.  Here are some great ways to turn hand prints into flowers. 

Mega crafty has a three dimensional handprint flower craft. You need foam board, paint, and a flower pot.

Growing a jeweled rose uses paper hand cut outs to create flowers.  Using glue to fit them together and a pipe cleaner as a stem. 

An interesting mix makes a hand print into a flower pot using construction paper for the pot, a hand print for the plant and finger prints for the flowers.  The pot offers a good place to write a message.

The trendy treehouse shares a hand print bouquet.

Nifty mom shows a single hand print flower.

Busy bee crafts shows how to make a flower out of a hand print cut out, pencil, and masking tape.

Kids craft zone uses a pipe cleaner and cut out hand to make their version of the hand cut out flowers.

Serving pink lemonade uses fingerprints to make daisy flowers.

Super mommy makes hand print signs and places them in plastic flower pots.  She has the kids draw paper pictures and glues them on the outsides and plants seeds for flowers to grow around.

Lulus tiles uses scrapbooking paper for her version.

Get the instructions here: 

Momma made it adds bees and butterflies to make a hand print garden.

Get the instructions here: 

The preschool toolbox uses pipe cleaners to make her hand flower and a hand and arm cut out of construction paper for the stem.

Get the instructions here:

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